Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As provider of the website and controller, the KLINGER & KOLLEGEN law office (hereinafter KLINGER & KOLLEGEN) takes its obligation to ensure data protection very seriously and designs its website in such a way that as little personal data as necessary is collected, processed and used. Personal data is not rented or sold to third parties for advertising purposes under any circumstances. No personal data is used for advertising or marketing purposes without the visitorís explicit consent.

Access to personal data at KLINGER & KOLLEGEN is granted only to individuals who need such data to perform their duties within the controller, have been informed of the statutory provisions on data protection and have undertaken to adhere to them in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions (Art. 5 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)). Acc. to Art. 6(1) EU GDPR, the collected personal data is collected, processed, used and transferred only to the extent to which this is necessary to implement a contractual relationship between KLINGER & KOLLEGEN, as controller, and the visitor, as data subject.

Changes in the Purposes of Processing and Data Use

Since the applied processing methods may change/develop further on account of technological advancements and organisational modifications, we reserve the right to update the present Privacy Policy in accordance with the new technical framework conditions. We therefore ask you to review the Privacy Policy of KLINGER & KOLLEGEN from time to time. If you do not agree with the updates made in the course of time, you may request in writing, in acc. with Art. 17 EU GDPR, that any data be erased that is not retained based on other legal stipulations, such as retention obligations under commercial or tax law.

Anonymous Data Collection

As a general rule, you may visit the controllerís websites without providing us with information about your identity. Only the name of your Internet service provider, the website from which you visit our website and our webpages visited by you become known to us. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes. As individual user, your identity remains anonymous in this context.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Personal data is collected only if you communicate it to us of your own free will, for example in our contact form. In the course of this, the controller adheres to the stipulations of Art. 5 and 6 EU GDPR. Your personal data is likewise processed and used pursuant to the EU GDPR stipulations.

You have the possibility at any time to object to the retention of your personal data.

The personal data collected by us to enable use of the contact form will be erased once the your query has been resolved.

Export and Processing of Data in Countries Outside the European Economic Area

Your personal data will not be exported to countries outside the European Economic Area (hereinafter EEA).

The service providers engaged by the controller are based and operate their IT infrastructure exclusively within the EEA. This also applies to any use of cloud-based services. The agreements concluded with the service providers comply with the EU GDPR data protection and data security stipulations. Even if external service providers are engaged, KLINGER & KOLLEGEN will remain the controller responsible for the processing.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

Without your consent, the personal data collected within the framework of the controllerís websites is used only to perform contracts and to process your requests. Moreover, the controller uses your data for advertising and market research purposes only if you have given your related prior consent. For the rest, your data is not disclosed to other third parties. Of course, you may revoke your respective consent at any time with effect for the future.

External Links

For your information, our websites contain links referring to third-party websites. Where this is not obviously recognisable, please note that this is an external link. The controller does not have any influence on the content and design of such websites of other providers. Therefore, the guarantees provided in this Privacy Policy do not apply to external providers.

Use of Cookies

The controller uses cookies to individually design and optimise the customer's online experience and time spent online. A cookie is a text file which is either temporarily placed in the computerís working memory (session cookie) or on the hard drive (permanent cookie). Cookies contain, for ex., information about the userís previous accesses to the corresponding server and/or information about the offers accessed to date. Cookies are not used to execute programmes or to load viruses onto your computer. The main purpose of cookies is rather to provide an offer specifically customised to the customer and to make the use of the service as comfortable as possible.

The controller uses both session cookies and permanent cookies.

Session Cookies

The controller predominantly uses session cookies which are not stored on the customerís hard drive and will be erased once the browser is closed. In this context, session cookies are used for log-in authentication and load balancing.

Permanent Cookies

Apart from that, the controller uses permanent cookies to store the personal usage settings entered by a customer when using the controllerís services, thus enabling the controller to personalise and improve the service. Use of the permanent cookies ensures that the customer can retrieve his/her personal settings when visiting the controllerís websites again. In addition, the service providers engaged by the controller to analyse the userís behaviour use permanent cookies in order to identify returning users. Such services store the data transmitted by the cookie exclusively in an anonymised form. Any assignment to the customerís IP address is not made.

Avoidance of Cookies

The visitor has the possibility to refuse the placement of cookies at any time. In principle, this can be done by selecting the corresponding option in the browser settings or using additional programmes. More detailed information can be found in the help feature of the browser used by the customer. If the customer opts for the deactivation of cookies, this might reduce the scope of performance of the service and have a noticeable negative effect when using the controllerís services.